Canadian Government introduces a $40 Billion dollar 10-year plan for a National Housing Strategy

Canadian Government introduces a $40 Billion dollar 10-year plan for a National Housing Strategy

The Canadian Federal Government is finally addressing our home affordability crisis. On November 22nd, they introduced a $40 Billion dollar 10-year plan for a National Housing Strategy. This plan will provide that needed change by creating 100,000 new housing units and repairing 300,000 buildings and homes.

The goal of this plan is to reduce homelessness by 50% and give a helping hand to Canadians in need. Most of this proposal will be implemented after the next federal election but already this year, they have acted across the country by building 8800 units, repairing, and rebuilding houses. Prime Minister Trudeau introduced the plan and rational by saying,

“Housing rights are human rights, everyone deserves a safe and affordable place to call home.”  
An initial $20 Billion dollars will be dedicated to building new houses and units, while the remaining will be addressing the subsequent issues:
• Addressing the needs of 530,000 vulnerable Canadians
• Implementing a new benefit for low-income tenants
• Preventing 385,000 households from losing an affordable home
• Offering 300,000 families with financial support with the Canada Housing Benefit

The innovative idea of the Portable Housing Benefit provides mobility and a choice of residency. This is a game changer for subsidized living; in the past, subsidized living meant sharing a unit with many other individuals and having to stay stagnant remaining with the benefit. However, with the portable homes, its inhabitants can move to a new location without losing their home. Before, passing up a job opportunity in another city was not uncommon due to the necessity of keeping their living quarters. These portable homes are not only providing better living spaces but also providing freedom to its tenants.

DestinationoneCERM will be happy to provide staffing for any needed construction and repairing on this extremely important project. We are happy to see Canada is taking a step in the right direction to solve this home affordability crisis.

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