destinationoneCERM provides Permanent Placement services by delivering comprehensive recruitment solutions for Construction, Real Estate, Engineering, and Mining roles.

We offer unrivalled expertise, with a management team that has many years of experience in the recruitment industry. Our consultants work in specific vertical markets, enabling them to gain in-depth knowledge of individual technical areas and dedicate their time to finding the right professionals for you.

Our Contingency Recruitment service also includes:

  • Initial planning and consultation
  • Needs assessment and job definition
  • Compensation advice
  • Sourcing
  • Screening
  • Shortlisting
  • Reference and background checking
  • Assistance in selection and hiring decisions
  • Package negotiation
  • Orientation and on-boarding
  • Post-placement follow-up

To be able to recruit top candidates who possess the appropriate skills, competencies, values, and cultural fit, destinationoneCERM uses an innovative process that includes DESTINATIONONE 7-STEP RECRUITMENT STRATEGY, a state of the art technology and an efficient operational discipline – including recruiting and developing great people, innovating better services and relentlessly improving core processes which leads to achieving better results.

Our process combines the utilization of our professional network as well as proactively sourcing for top candidates.

In regards to recruiting candidates with matching values and cultural fit, we apply our unique operational strategy.  This includes being a candidate-driven as well as a client-driven Recruitment Firm; the first strategy always supports the latter. To be able to execute our operational strategy, we place a significant importance in understanding the needs and expectations of our candidates and clients. We strongly understand that establishing a skills and competency match without creating a cultural fit results in low retention rates.

To create a cultural fit, our account managers and recruiters spend time, effort, and resources to fully understand our clients’ organizational culture. At our interview stage, we make a fair assessment on candidates’ cultural fit to our client, Which is based on candidates’ answers to our open-ended interview questions that are specially designed to establish understanding on candidate values and culture. We do not communicate any information regarding clients’ organizational culture at this level and focus solely on understanding the candidates’ goals, expectations, and preferences without leading.

Once we establish a cultural, as well as competency fit to the current job requirements, then we provide a detailed explanation on our clients’ organizational culture, giving the candidate a fair opportunity to assess if they see themselves successfully working in that environment for long-term.
We have perfected this process so much so that our Placement fall-off ratio has been approaching less than half-a-percent annually in the recent years.