Engineering shortage demands higher education

Engineering shortage demands higher education

As construction continues to boom in BC the province is seeing a shortage of qualified engineers. The Canadian Council of Chief Executives released a survey that revealed a shortage of skilled workers and engineers were at the top of the list being the “most difficult to find and retain”.

Dalhousie University in response to this shortfall, has heard this need and is revamping their architecture and engineering campus for spring 2018. This 64-million-dollar renovation will allow for new engineering facilities with top tear technology. Recently, Irving Oil donated 2.2 Million dollars towards this renovation supporting the next generation of engineering.

Not only will this renovation provide a facility capable of modern engineering but they are also giving away $700,000 in scholarships. These scholarships will be made available to engineering students in the next 10 years.

This power move by Dalhousie University shows their inclination to becoming a strong hold for engineering in Canada. With such a highly acclaimed post-secondary school focusing specifically on engineering it seems logical that other schools with follow suit. This could be the push that other universities need to help relieve this shortage of workers. Dalhousie’s 10 year plan this larger facility will allow the influx of engineering grads and close the demanding gap of unqualified workers.

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